How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service?

How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service?

Dish Network is one of the leading American based direct-broadcast satellite service provider. They provide satellite television, interactive television and audio programming services to its residential and commercial customers in the United States.

The company provides its services daily to 13.7 million television and 580,000 broadband subscribers. Dish Network located its headquarter in Meridian, Colorado, US. 16,000 employees are working approximately in this company. -According to its official report of November 2016

How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service

The reason could be anything to cancel Desh Network service. You could have to change your home. you could get a better deal from a competitor. You may be busy and don’t get the chance for using it. Whatever the reason is, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

You better change the service to a different option, If you are not glad about the service. Here are given the whole procedure to Cancel Your Dish Network Satellite Service.

Step-1: For canceling your satellite service you have to contact the customer service department with a phone call and the number is (800) 333-3474.

Step-2: Communicate with them and Inform that you want to cancel your satellite service. He will ask, about the reason to cancel the service and also try to make you convinced about to continue the service. He could offer you about all its special rates or programs that would make any customer interested to continue the service.

Step-3: Dish Network go through on a two-year contract with most customers to take satellite service. If any of its customers want to cancel before ending the contract, then he will have to pay an early termination fee. So you should check the documents and verify that you had made any contract or not with Dish Network for fixing the amount of the termination fee.

Step-4: Dish Network provides you a receiver, remote controls, and a DVR when you subscribe to their satellite service. You must return this equipment back to Dish Network. If you don’t, the authority could be charged a fee for it.

Note: If anyone wants to stop the service in the middle of his billing cycle. Service will be canceled immediately through on a single phone call, or it also will be set for a future date.

Little Advice

So, that’s what you should know. But if you can’t return them provided equipment, you have to pay $17 for per labels. In addition, this charge will be adjusted with your bill when Dish Network receives all the equipment back. For avoiding this charge, You can use your own shifting method.

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