How to Find What Kind of Laptop I Have

How to Find What Kind of Laptop I Have

There is various category of Laptop with different usage and work capability. The performance of your device is depended on the configuration and generation of it. In this post, we are going to discuss the procedure, how we can know about our laptop model and configuration.

Processes to know the information of any Laptop

By applying some simple process anyone could be aware of the model of his laptop. There are many processes that we can follow. Those are like, finding the logo on top of the Laptop and can see the model number of it.

For some laptops, you have to remove its battery or the entire bottom cover to see the model number. If your laptop is unmarked, then you can apply your laptop’s Windows Control Panel or The System Information tool for finding all the details, which all you want to know.

Achieving Information Through The System Information

It is one of the efficient and time saver process, So you can use it to gain your device information as quick you want. you should follow the processes are given below.

Step-1: At first, open your Laptop and make it Refreshed.

Step-2: Select the Start icon and click on it. Then you have to type Dxdiagin the search box, then make the command for search.

Step-3: When the option will arrive and you have to click on it.

Step-4: The whole information about your computer will appear.

Gaining Information Through The Control Panel

Every Laptop owner who wants to know about their device can also use their Windows operating system for knowing your laptop’s basic information. Let’s find it out, how we can know it.

Step-1: Refresh your device after Make it started, for quick activities.

Step-2: Select Your laptop’s Windows 7 Start menu and search the Control Panel, open it.

Step-3: Choose “System and Security” from the list of given options.

Step-4: Then, you have to click on the “System” option and it will open a window that will be included with several pieces of information. Here, you will get your laptop’s Windows version and which Service Pack you have installed. Then you could get the model information. Although, this field could be missing some time on some Laptop. Here you will get, some important information about your laptop’s competence with software or drivers and

Note: There are also included the information on Processor type and RAM amount of your device.

Gaining Information Through The Label or Sticker

You can also know about your device through a label or sticker which is given on it and you will find it on the outside of the case for most Laptops.

It also could be on or near of the product battery compartment’s base. If it’s not, then check back, bottom cover, screen, near the keyboard of your Desktops, Laptops, and Tablet.

Using BIOS To Know The Information

“Basic Input/Output System” or BIOS is that software, who runs first to check that your hardware is working and then allows Windows to start When you turn on your computer. Anyone can find their Device’s information through accessing the BIOS. let’s see the process, how we can do it.

Step-1: Firstly, make your computer Turned on.

Step-2: Just press the F2 key once within a second to access the BIOS, When you see the laptop’s logo on the screen.

Step-3: It will be given in the menu title or it could be listed under The System Name on the BIOS menu.

Note: If Windows goes start, then you will have to restart your device when the startup is completed and also have to try again.


Those are the simple and easy methods. You can use those techniques to know your laptop in depth. There are many kinds of laptops that are available on market. Those are Notebook, PC Laptop, Macbook, and others. What’s the type of your Laptop?

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